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At Reimer Farm Market, we strive to bring the highest quality farm products in a convenient, accessible way.

Family means everything to us! Many of you either knew David Reimer (my dad), or recognize his name. He was known for his integrity and ability to find joy in the small things.

Dad was also dedicated to the community and to the cattle industry. More importantly, he loved God and his family. Today, in Dad's memory, Reimer Farm Market wants to carry on that legacy of God's love, community, and great beef!

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Regenerative farming is a huge part of our business. We turn sunshine and rain into healthy grasslands and productive animals. We believe that happy animals are the equivalent to happy customers.

As animal lovers to the core, we are always on the lookout to make sure everyone is happy and healthy. Our family is always looking for ways to improve our low stress animal handling techniques. 

Reimer Farm Market is committed to serving our community.